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6. Answer the questions.

1. These were areas of dry land that the Europeans didn't want.

2. Gold was found in the Black Hills and the US government broke the treaty with Sioux.

3. They came for gold.

4. Crazy Horse was a Sioux chief who led his tribe in the war.

5. He earned the respect of his people not only by his skill in battle but also by his determination to preserve the traditional way of life and culture.

6. The US government won the war with Sioux.

7. In 1923 the monument to the four Presidents was started.

8. The Black Hills were the sacred place for Sioux. That's why it was a deep insult to them when white men came into the Black Hills and dynamited the faces of the four presidents there.

9. In 1939 Sioux Chief Standing Bear decided to create a Native American memorial in the Black Hills.

10. The Crazy Horse monument is not completed yet.

Lesson 10

Рабочая тетрадь № 2

2. Translate the sentences into Russian.

1. Если он поступит на эту работу, он сможет многое узнать для своей карьеры.
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