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Happy English.ru (Английский язык), К.И. Кауфман, М.Ю. Кауфман
Решебник по английскому языку 9 класс
Happy English.ru, 9 класс, К.И. Кауфман, М.Ю. Кауфман. Объем: 160 страниц(ы).
Lessons 5, 6
2. Express the same idea in a different way.

1. Some boys at school do not pay any attention to me.

2. It didn't occur to me before.

3. My parents often lecture me about my friends.

4. We talked about it but we couldn't reach a compromise.

5. My sister's behavior embarrassed me.

6. My parents are mad with my coming late again.

7. I want my parents not to pay attention to me.

8. I don't want to do chores. It's a waste of time.

9. I'm fed up with my older brother.

Homework. Рабочая тетрадь № 2

A. a) Sometimes people get upset with each other not because of the words, but because of the meaning behind the words. Read the phrases and answer the questions.
What parents say What they really mean
1. Are you going to wear that for your grandma's birthday party? 1. We're not letting you leave this room in those clothes!
Решебник Happy English.ru (Английский язык), К.И. Кауфман, М.Ю. Кауфман