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Happy English.ru, 9 класс, К.И. Кауфман, М.Ю. Кауфман. Объем: 160 страниц(ы).
and a formal dark blue jacket made of cashmere. The jacket may be made of velvet.

A boy's uniform: The boy's uniform should be not very expensive, plain, practical and comfortable. It may consist of a white shirt made of cotton with a black tie, black woolen trousers and a dark grey jacket. The jacket may be made of wool.

Lessons 2, 3

1. Remember who said these words, and report


1. Mark says that he doesn't care about fashion.

2. Mark says that he can't stand shopping.

3. Rob says that Mark really needs some new clothes.

4. Mark says that his jeans and sweaters are suitable for travelling.

5. Emily says that Mark's clothes are a little out of fashion.

6. Misha says that clothes must show his individuality.

7. Rob says that he always wear designer clothes.

8. Emily says that most of her clothes come from discount stores that sell designer clothes, so they don't cost that much.

9. Emily says that she doesn't like to stand out.

10. Misha says that he likes to look round in the shops and find something original.
Решебник Happy English.ru (Английский язык), К.И. Кауфман, М.Ю. Кауфман