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6. Match Rockefeller's words with the following


1. a) Everybody has the right to be happy.

2. k) Someone in a higher position has to work a lot.

1) Someone who has a lot of money should do more for other people.

3. c) President and ministers must work for the people.

h) People are more important than president and ministers.

4. i) Everybody has the right to work

j) Money shouldn't be given to people but people should have chance to earn it.

5. g) Every society should be fair.

6. b) People should keep their promises and never break them.

m) It's more important to be a good person than to be successful.

7. d) Your religion doesn't matter; but it's important to believe in God. ..

f) The most important thing is living in harmony with God.

8. e) Love is the most powerful thing in the world.
Решебник Happy English.ru (Английский язык), К.И. Кауфман, М.Ю. Кауфман