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Happy English-2, Т.Б. Клементьева, Д.А. Шэннон
Решебник по английскому языку 7 класс
Happy English-2 (Счастливый английский 2), 7 класс, Т.Б. Клементьева, Д.А. Шэннон. Объем: 32 страниц(ы).
7. The pilgrims invited the Indians to their feast to thank them for their help. The Indians taught the pilgrims how to hunt, fish, plant, and survive in America.

p. 138


1. Adrienne Gati is in the seventh grade.

2. On «Take Your Daughters to Work Day» girls come to work with their mothers.

3. The schoolgirls' ages range from 9 to 15.

4. Adrienne's mother works in the Department of State.

5. Adrienne learnt that the United States had embassies all over the world.

. 6. The United States have embassies all over the world.

7. Mrs. Gati speaks Russian.

8. She comes to Russia often on business.

9. Mrs. Gati thinks «Take Your Daughter to Work Day» is an important holiday, because it is important that young girls know that they can become anything they want when they grow up.

10. No, I have not. I have never been to work with my mother or father.
Решебник Happy English-2, Т.Б. Клементьева, Д.А. Шэннон