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Английский язык, И.И. Панова, Е.Б. Карневская, З.Д. Курочкина, Е.А. Мисуно
Решебник по английскому языку 11 класс
Английский язык. Учебное пособие для 11 класса общеобразовательных учреждений с белорусским и русским языками обучения, И.И. Панова, Е.Б. Карневская, З.Д. Курочкина, Е.А. Мисуно. Объем: 192 страниц(ы).
2.1 prefer to get the news from television. You can easily get information about everything important that has happened in the world, and you not just hear the news, but also see some video material.

3. The main news of the week is the results of the presidential election in the USA. Barak Obama has won the election and now he is the president of the United States of America. He is the first Afro-American who became the president in the United States. Also this week a great tragedy has happened. An airplane crashed over the Mediterranean see. There were 50 people on board. Nobody survived.

4. I'm interested in both types of the news. On the one hand, things that happen in my country can influence me, my family, my friends and other people around me. But on the other hand, the international news are also important, because everything is connected in today's world of globalization, and political, economic or cultural changes in some foreign country can affect our country too. There are also some problems that have a global status, for example global heating.

5.1 would say that three most important problems that affect the world today are ecological problems, wars and poverty. All of them have been discussed in mass media for many years, and they are still discussed. To my mind, the problem that concerns me personally is the ecological problem. The air we breathe and the water we drink are polluted and are not good for our health. Moreover, the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster are still a great problem for our country.

6. Yes, I do. Actually, I watch television almost every day. I like watching sports programmes, MTV. And of course I always watch the news programmes to be aware of what is happening in the world.

7. No, I don't look through magazines or newspapers written in English, though I know that there some that are published even in our country, for example The Minsk Times. In order to improve my English I prefer read something in Internet.

8. Yes, I do think that they influence the way young people think and behave in our country. Foreign films and programmes show us how people live in foreign countries and we can compare our way of behavior to their's. When comparing, we can see some good and bad features of our way of living and their way of leaving. So we can always improve our behavior. But when comparing we should be very careful not to accept the wrong type of behavior, which is also shown in the films, and think whether certain type of behavior is acceptable in our country.

9. Yes, they are very interesting for me. I think the most popular foreign film of the year is the sixth film of Harry Potter, which is called Harry Potter and The Half-blooded Prince. Speaking of Russian films, I would say "12" by Nikita Mikhalkov is one of the most popular.

10.1 would like to watch some kind of debates programmes, where the youth problems would be discussed by young people. I would also like to see more Belarusian films.
Решебник Английский язык, И.И. Панова, Е.Б. Карневская, З.Д. Курочкина, Е.А. Мисуно