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Английский язык, И.И. Панова, Е.Б. Карневская, З.Д. Курочкина, Е.А. Мисуно
Решебник по английскому языку 11 класс
Английский язык. Учебное пособие для 11 класса общеобразовательных учреждений с белорусским и русским языками обучения, И.И. Панова, Е.Б. Карневская, З.Д. Курочкина, Е.А. Мисуно. Объем: 192 страниц(ы).
technologies allow us recycle almost everything: paper, glass, metal, clothes, plastic. In many towns and cities there are special containers for used plastic, glass and paper. Never throw away with garbage things that can be recycled! If you have a garden, plant trees and bushes there. Of course it won't save the whole planet from the lack of trees, but at least in your garden the air will become cleaner, and the garden itself will look nicer. And who knows, may be your neighbours will follow your example?

Try to use cars, public transport less. Buy a bike. It will not only save the environment, but will also keep you fit.

Save energy, gas and water. Switch off the light when you live the room, use the stairs instead of the lift, don't leave the water running out of the faucets if you don't use it.

Don't throw away litter in the street. Use public bins.

When hiking, clean up after yourself and be careful with the fire.

Take participation in cleaning-up the surrounding area activities, community work

days (subbotnik) for example.

And the last but not the least: always remember that together we can make a difference and save our planet!


Ex. 1. Ответьте на вопросы.

1. Yes, I would say it is rather difficult to define where big villages end and small towns begin. We can find big shops and clubs, and more than one school not only in towns nowadays, but also in villages. For example the village of Holmich and the town of Yelsk which are both situated in the region of Gomel, are almost the same in size and population.

2. To my mind, cities, towns and villages tend to become bigger. Every village wants to become a town, and every town wants to become a city, while cities occupy more and more territory. There is a positive side in it, of course. People get easier access to education, shopping, work, entertainment. But there is a negative effect too. Villages tend to disappear and there is no good in this fact. Meanwhile towns, becoming cities lose their charm. And the last but not the least, cities cause more pollution when they become bigger.

3. City lifestyle is characterized by a hasty pace of life, great entertainment, better job and education opportunities, great shopping, being in the center of things. It has some disadvantages though. The disadvantages are: sense of community tends to disappear, constant stress, feeling of isolation, dirt, pollution and noise. Country lifestyle is associated with peace and quiet, no pollution, friendly neighbours who are always ready to help and a strong sense of community. But living in the country you'll face such problems as being cut off from exciting and important events, less entertainment, problems with public transport, boredom.

Решебник Английский язык, И.И. Панова, Е.Б. Карневская, З.Д. Курочкина, Е.А. Мисуно