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Английский язык, И.И. Панова, Е.Б. Карневская, З.Д. Курочкина, Е.А. Мисуно
Решебник по английскому языку 11 класс
Английский язык. Учебное пособие для 11 класса общеобразовательных учреждений с белорусским и русским языками обучения, И.И. Панова, Е.Б. Карневская, З.Д. Курочкина, Е.А. Мисуно. Объем: 192 страниц(ы).
Ex. 3. Поставьте глаголы в скобках в нужную форму.


1. She couldn't find her keys and she thought they had been lost.

2. Paul left the house a year ago, and he hasn't been seen since then.

3. Kilts have been worn by men in Scotland for thousands of years, since the Celts first came to live there.

4. Her granddad was born in 1950, and as a child he used to live in an old house in Kingston, which was built in 1849.

5. If you are invited for an interview, you will be informed by letter.

6. Have you ever been bitten by a dog? I feels painful I can tell you.

7. If you are caught for speeding, you definitely will be punished.

8. All the flights from London airports were delayed yesterday.

9.1 was told that the match had been put off last Tuesday because of the bad weather.


Have been damaged; started; was destroyed; had been given; were; started; was called; arrived; didn't manage; were lost.

Ex. 4. Вставьте предлоги там, где это необходимо.

1. In; 2. in; since; 3. for; in; 4. to; 5. in; 6. up; 7. -; 8. for; 9. at; 10. of; 11. to; 12. to.

Ex. 5. Вставьте предлоги between, for, with, about, of или on.

1. For; 2. with; 3. of; 4. of; 5. about; 6. between; 7. of; 8. between.

Ex. 6. Внимательно прочитайте текст. Напишите диалог о Питере между мистером Дэниэлсом и мистером Томсоном.

Mr. Th.: How did you like Peter?

Mr. D.: He is a very pleasant young man. He is inexperienced, but he has done

quite well at school and speaks some French and Spanish. Mr. Th.: Do you think he can learn the job reasonably quickly? Mr. D.: I think so. He seems a very keen and intelligent young man. Mr. Th.: Have you mentioned a specific salary?

Mr. D.: No, I haven't. Though I have explained that the starting salary would be quite small, and it would increase considerably after six months, if he proves to be the right man for the job. Mr. Th.: Well, write Peter and offer him a job and a starting salary of £30 a week. Mr. D.: Thank you, sir. I'll do so right away.

Ex. 7. Прочитайте письмо. Составьте такое же письмо для себя.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I have read your advertisement about job of a secretary in The Narodnaya Gazeta. I would like to know more about the company and the job you are offering. What qualification is needed? Are there any other special requirements? What are the duties of the secretary in your company? How much do you pay for the job? When do you want a person to start?

I am 17 years old and I am Belarusian. I have just left school and I want to enter

Решебник Английский язык, И.И. Панова, Е.Б. Карневская, З.Д. Курочкина, Е.А. Мисуно