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Английский язык, И.И. Панова, Е.Б. Карневская, З.Д. Курочкина, Е.А. Мисуно
Решебник по английскому языку 11 класс
Английский язык. Учебное пособие для 11 класса общеобразовательных учреждений с белорусским и русским языками обучения, И.И. Панова, Е.Б. Карневская, З.Д. Курочкина, Е.А. Мисуно. Объем: 192 страниц(ы).
наиболее усердно и есть ли среди них английский; е) уверены ли вы в своем успехе в будущем.

a. Yes I have made my final choice of the future job. I want to be a doctor.

b. My parents are both doctors, so they influenced my choice a lot. I can say that I am not on a fantasy level about the profession, because my parents tell me about their work all the time. It is a hard work, but I still like it.

c. Now I try to get even more information about the profession of a doctor: I read a lot of books and magazines dedicated to medicine. I have a part-time job at my mother's hospital — I work as a hospital attendant. It is a good experience for me, because I learn to care about sick people, and I get more information about the hospital. I study hard and systematically, because it is not easy to qualify as a doctor.

d. I study chemistry and biology on a more profound level, because I have to take exams in these subjects to enter the university. Unfortunately, I don't need to take exams in English. But I like the language, and I am trying not to give up on it.

e. I am rather optimistic about my success in future. First of all, I consider myself hardworking, intelligent and persistent enough. Secondly, I always can ask my parents for advice. And at last, I believe, that if you really believe that you deserve success, you'll have a success.

Ex. 27. Работа с партнером. Задайте ему вопросы о его карьерных планах и является ли последний год в школе для него особенно тяжелым.

Pupil 1: Do you already know what you want to be?

Pupil 2: Yes, I have already decided. I want to teach English at school.

Pupil 1\ What influenced your choice?

Pupil 2: Well, during all the years, English was my favourite subject at school. And I like working with children very much. And at last, I know enough information about the job, because my grandmother was a teacher of English. Pupil 1\ Do you think you possess the qualities needed for the job? Pupil 2:1 am sure I do. I am patient, sociable, hardworking and I get along with children.

Pupil 1: What subjects are you studying now at a more profound level? Pupil 2: English of course. But I also will have exams in Russian and Man.

Society. State, so I am paying special attention to them too. Pupil 1\ Is your final year at school really hard for you? Pupil 2: Yes, it is. I have to study a lot to prepare for the final exams at school and for the exams to enter the university. I have additional lessons of English with a tutor 3 times a week, and additional lessons of Russian and Man. Society. State once a week each. In addition I feel very nervous, because I am afraid that I won't pass the exams. Ex. 28. На каких языках говорят в этих государствах? Используйте таблицу для подсказки.
Решебник Английский язык, И.И. Панова, Е.Б. Карневская, З.Д. Курочкина, Е.А. Мисуно