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Английский язык, И.И. Панова, Е.Б. Карневская, З.Д. Курочкина, Е.А. Мисуно
Решебник по английскому языку 11 класс
Английский язык. Учебное пособие для 11 класса общеобразовательных учреждений с белорусским и русским языками обучения, И.И. Панова, Е.Б. Карневская, З.Д. Курочкина, Е.А. Мисуно. Объем: 192 страниц(ы).
b) barman, builder, carpenter, clown, cook, driver, electrician, farmer, firefighter, fitter, hairdresser, librarian, mechanic, nurse, operator, pilot, plumber, secretary, shoemaker, shop-assistant, stewardess, turner, vet, writer

c) cleaner, hotel receptionist, postman, waiter

Ex. 11. Прочитайте о профессиях людей, изображенных на картинках, и скажите, какая из них кажется вам наиболее интересной и почему.


То my mind, reporter is the most interesting profession. A reporter can travel all over the world, see new places and meet a lot of new people. He can interview famous stars and politics, people of different professions. He can learn a lot of new things doing his job. The profession of a reporter is very useful because reporters try to understand what is going on in the world, or in the country, or in the city and try to explain it to other people. They can even influence some events. So they can influence the history. Doctor

The profession of a doctor appeals to me most of all. It is a very interesting and noble profession. Of course you need to study a lot to become a doctor. The profession requires a lot of responsibility too. But to my mind nothing can be compared to saving people's lives and health. Helping people brings a great pleasure. Musician

I'd love to be a musician. I like music very much, and I have always admired people who can play or even compose their own music. Music always brings pleasure. And moreover, when you are a musician you can travel a lot and see the world.


I'd like to specialize in photography. I like jobs that require creativity. Photography is the art that appeals to me most of all. I think one photo can tell a lot of things, if it's taken by a professional. Photographers travel a lot and meet many people. Sometimes they meet stars and models, which should be very interesting too. Pilot

I have always dreamt to be able to fly. In childhood I wanted to know what clouds look like inside. I still do, by the way. Plus, I think that sunset and sunrise should look tremendous if you are in the sky. That's why probably the profession of a pilot seems the most interesting to me. In addition, I admire modern planes. I think they are very fast and beautiful. I like to travel too, that's why the profession appeals to me even more. Vet

I would like to be a vet, because I like animals very much. I really think that domestic animals, such as cats and dogs for example, are the best friends of a human. They give us so much affection! That's why we should give them love and care in return. It is very important to help sick animals.
Решебник Английский язык, И.И. Панова, Е.Б. Карневская, З.Д. Курочкина, Е.А. Мисуно