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Happy English-2, Т.Б. Клементьева, Д.А. Шэннон
Решебник по английскому языку 9 класс
Happy English-2 (Счастливый английский 2), 9 класс, Т.Б. Клементьева, Д.А. Шэннон. Объем: 64 страниц(ы).
3. He was the president from 1801 to 1809.

4. John C. Portman Jr. is from Atlanta.

5. Frank Lloyd Wright is considered to be the greatest American architect of all times.

6. Frank Lloyd Wright's career was 70 years.

7. He designed homes that were less crowded and had more space.

8. He introduced many new concepts to contemporary architecture.

9. You can see his concept of "space in motion" in the design of the Guggenheim Museum.

10. Frank Lloyd Wright's mother was his first teacher.

11. Yes, I am. I am interested in architecture.

12. M. F. Kazakov was a famous Russian architect. He designed a lot of mansions, palaces and buildings. The Petrovsky Palace was designed by him in the 18th century. The palace was built to commemorate the Russian victory over the Turks. It was named after the village of Petrovskoye and was intended as a last resting-place for Catherine the Great on her journeys from St. Petersburg to Moscow. The style is a combination of traditional Russian, gothic and serf architecture. Surrounding the palace are ancillary buildings with decorative towers, giving rise to the name "Petrovsky Castle". In 1812 Napoleon lived here for several days as he fled from the flames of Moscow.

Beyond the statue of Pushkin there is Strastnoi Boulevard, with the magnificent
Решебник Happy English-2, Т.Б. Клементьева, Д.А. Шэннон