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Happy English-2, Т.Б. Клементьева, Д.А. Шэннон
Решебник по английскому языку 9 класс
Happy English-2 (Счастливый английский 2), 9 класс, Т.Б. Клементьева, Д.А. Шэннон. Объем: 64 страниц(ы).
What can we do? We can reuse bags, paper, and boxes, select products with the least wasteful packaging and buy products made of recycled materials. We should not litter in the streets or parks.

Radiation is one of the main problems in our country. It is not good for health of people. Thousands of people died from radiation in 1986 in Chernobol. It was a tragedy.

We all need to work together to protect the environment!

Ex. 2, p. 343

Lisbon: a bit cooler, showers, high 66, low 54. Belgrade: great weather, plenty of sun, 73/56. Bucharest: some sun, t'storms develop, 77/54. Prague: mostly cloudy, showers, high 59, low 47. Budapest: not bad, good deal of sunshine, 68/54. London: a little cooler, 59/44. Luxembourg: clouds, cooler, showers, 61/47. Rome: fine weather, good amount of sun, 72/55. Amsterdam: sun and clouds, breezy, 57/46.

Unit 9

p. 350

At the library

1. Sasha comes to the library because he's interested in reading about famous Americans.

2. Sasha can spend only a few hours in the library.
Решебник Happy English-2, Т.Б. Клементьева, Д.А. Шэннон